Smart Wi-Fi Switch JULIC


  • Easy to Setup

  • Voice Control

  • Time Schedule

  • Remote Control

  • Night Light Indicator

  • Touch Switch

  • Glass Control Panel

  • Grouping

Main Features

  • Dual Module Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
  • APP Remote Control
  • Timing Function
  • Grouping Function
  • High Sensitivity
  • Voice Control
  • Device Sharing

Remote Control

Grace smart switch can be controlled remotely through the Smart Life/Tuya app, whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, you can turn on or off the lights in your home through the app.

Group Control

Set up groups for your smart switches and control all switches in the group to turn on or off with one click.

  • Electrical Touch Wall Light Switch in Elegant Shape

    The smart wall switch is touch sensitive and elegant appearance that can turn on/off your light at a single touch.

  • Scheduling

    Start your smart life with a smart switch, you can schedule it to turn on and off the light automatically according to your work schedule and living habits, reduce unnecessary energy waste.

  • Manage them With Your Voice

    This Wi-Fi wall touch switch is perfectly compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, simple voice control make your hands free.

  • Multiple Control

    You can create group in the APP to manage all the lights in your house and share the device to your family members.

  • Easy Setup & Sharing

    The Smart switch connects to your secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. No need for a separate smart home hub.

  • Easy to Install and Use

    Monitor your connected device’s real-time energy consumption and learn which one use the most power. Reduce unnecessary energy loss and lower your electric bills with the Schedule and Timer.


Input Voltage:AC110-130V
Voltage Frequency: 50/60Hz
Maximum Power:1000W/2000W
Max.Load Current:10A
Operating Temperature:-10°C-50°C
Operating Humidity:(0-85%) RH, Non-condersing
Wi-Fi Protocol:2.4GHz
Wi-Fi Standard:IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth Protocol:4.2
Bluetooth Standard:IEEE 802.15.1
Product Dimensions:118*72*35mm